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D- Raitt are experts in tree removal and tree felling Wirral; being in position to remove any type and size of tree correctly, competently and under challenging and demanding surroundings. A range of tree removal procedures can be utilised including sectional dismantling, directional felling, specialist winch operations or the usage of cranes. All tree removal and tree felling work is executed in compliance with the British Standard 3998:2010 ‘Recommendations for tree work’.

Tree Felling Wirral – Know the law

Please be aware: A lot of trees are protected in the UK and as such all trees must be checked in advance of undertaking any tree removal or conducting tree felling Wirral to make sure they aren’t protected by a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) or if the tree(s) is found in a Conservation Area. Check ups can be made by getting in touch with your local authority. Additional information on protected trees is located in the government publication ‘Protected Trees: a guide to tree preservation procedures’

We offer superb service throughout the Wirral, working specifically with trees and undertake punning, felling/dismantling, stump removal and general tree management services to both the public and companies alike.

We’re only connected with bodies whose main objective is the well-being of trees and we don’t try to bamboozle you with never-ending emblems on our web-site or advertising and marketing pertaining only to health and safety, since we find these to be pricey (which sooner or later is handed down to you the client) and unneeded since we work within all of the rules & regulations active in the industry not only for the public’s safety but also for our own.

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tree felling wirral
Tree felling Wirral is really risky and Health and Safety is key at all times, there is very little room for miscalculation and a lot of accidents are of a fatal manner. We carry each of the applicable NPTC qualifications and insurance cover, and all work is completed and backed by method statement and risk assessments to BS3998.

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